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Dragon Ball Daima Release Date, Trailer, and Everything You Need To Know

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Dragon Ball Daima

Toei Animation


Dragon Ball fans can get excited as Toei Animation announces the arrival of Dragon Ball: Daima. The expectations for the newly announced anime are surely high. Fans can get some hints now about what Daima is going to be all about. So, when do we have Dragon Ball: Daima to release?

Read ahead to learn more about Dragon Ball: Daima gets announced and fans are waiting to watch it.

Dragon Ball: Daima announced by Toei Animation

The Dragon Ball has been one of the most popular franchises that inspired TV series, video games, novels, and many more. The characters still remain fresh in the minds of fans. As now once again they can have them on their screens. Recently, Toei Animation announced an anime spin-off, Dragon Ball: Daima.

With the announcement of the same, fans of Dragon Ball have become super excited. Luckily, we got to know a lot of details about the anime spin-off. Hence, don’t miss to find out what’s going to be special about the upcoming Daima version.


When is Dragon Ball: Daima to be released?

It was recently during the New York Comic-Con that Toei Animation made the announcement about the Dragon Ball: Daima. This has left the fans curious to know when the new anime spin-off will come out. However, we haven’t got any specific release date for Dragon Ball: Daima yet. We do have some hints as to when to expect it.

The Daima version is likely to air in 2024 most probably in the fall of the year. Hopefully, we will get to know an exact release date too as the anime spin-off progresses with its production. Meanwhile, we do have some other updates to know about it too.

Storyline of Dragon Ball: Daima

Well, the best part of Dragon Ball has been its characters. So yes with Daima too you’ll get those Z-fighters back. But don’t expect it to be like before. The characters Goku, Vegeta, Mr.Satan, and Master Roshi will be back in Daima but in their children’s form.

The twist in the plot of Daima is that the Z-fighters have been turned into children because of some conspiracy. But the fighters are making their way to Daima to return to their adult form defeating all the challenges in the spin-off.

Dragon Ball Daima
Toei Animation

More about the Dragon Ball: Daima

Luckily for the fans even the trailer for Daima has been released. As it introduces the characters in it all over again but in children’s form. The sources about the same confirmed, “We won’t be seeing transformations such as Ultra Instinct, Super Saiyan God, and also Super Saiyan Blue”.

Toriyama is having his role in the upcoming anime spin-off and talking about it he said “I’m putting a lot more into this than usual. Things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world”. Moreover, in 2024 we will get some more updates on how the anime is progressing.


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