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Demon Slayer’s The Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku’ Magical Powers, Age, and Facts

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Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku: Demon Slayer is one of the fire anime in the world. On October 10, Demon Slayer made a successful go back to the small display screen. Season 2 was the premiere, stating 7  episodes will show  Mugen Train’s recap.

The sequel season of Episode 1 has given attention to Kyojuro Rengoku, who is a very powerful and high-ranked member of the series.

Who Is Kyojuro Rengoku?

Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the best fighters in the war,  he is powerful beyond the level. He has been given the title of Flame Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps, which means he is the top-ranked fighter.

Rengoku has played both the part of the Flame Hashira and Demon Slayer in such an incredible way. He kills demons, and he is very helpful to others which is incredible.

Kyojuro Rengoku Powers

 Furthermore, he has an amazing style with a long blonde lock of hair, and red hair at the end of the tips which look like a flame. In addition, he has bangs that are shoulder-length. The uniform which Rengoku wears is the Demon Slayer Corps. He wears a booth and jacket which looks like fire.


Satoshi Hino in Japan has given the voice to Kyojuro Rengoku, and English dubbing is done by Mark Whitten.

Kyojuro Rengoku Age and Family History

Rengoku is 20 years old in season 2, with 177 cm height, and weight is almost 72 kg.

Rengoku has a brother, who is younger one, he gives training to him. His father’s name is Shinjuro Renkogu, who was the Flame Hashira.

Moreover, he has such a good reputation in between his mates Hasira,  it was mention in-season episode 1. Tengen Uzio says that “he’s a really great guy.”

Kyojuro Rengoku family

Trivia About Rengoku

 Rengkou loves animals, when he was a kid he was never allowed to have a pet. Since, his father, Shinjuro Renkogu, never liked animals. He also used to like to watch sumo wrestling, he lives sweet potatoes with salt grilled bream.  All of this information was given by Trivia’s fan page.

In a mission to defeat the Flute Demons’ Blood Demon Art, he tore his eardrums. That’s why he speaks a little louder than others because he has hearing problems.

What Are Rengoku’s Powers and Abilities?

Rengoku has his five forms,  and the most powerful is the ninth form, he can change according to his ability. He is an incredible swordsman and a very powerful boy at the age of 20. He is known for his high speed,  intellect, reflexes, and opinions, but most significantly “an undaunted spirit and indomitable willpower.” His father has taught him Flame Breathing art.


Rengoku’s first form is known as Unknowing Fire and the power of his first form is user uses his weapon from behind charges at high speed.

His Second Form which is Rising Scorching Sun is known for user to swing their blade upward before doing it downward.

The third Form which is Blazing Universe is known for user to swing their blade downward.

The fourth Form which is Blooming Flame Undulation is known for user uses his blades in a circular motion and defeats his enemies at once.

Fifth Form which Flame Tiger is known for user attacks through sword and at a high speed which makes tiger in flame.

Furthermore, the ninth Form which is Rengoku is known for User dashes forward from a high stance with high power and speed, enough to carve the surrounding ground.


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