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Crunchyroll Faces Backlash as Funimation Digital Support Ends: Anime Fans Outraged

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Crunchyroll doesn’t support Funimation digital copies, and anime fans are criticizing this. Although Crunchyroll acquired Funimation a few years back, there are certain things the streaming platform doesn’t support regarding Funimation, including its digital copies. Here’s what anime fans think of it as they’ve been expressing their disappointment.

Read on to learn more about anime fans criticizing Crunchyroll for not supporting Funimation digital copies.

Acquisition of Funimation by Crunchyroll

In 2020, the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll made an announcement about acquiring Funimation. The $1.175 billion deal brought a significant change to the anime streaming world. Consequently, many anime titles also made their way to Crunchyroll.

Although fans benefited greatly from the merger, not all of Funimation’s services seem to have been acquired by Crunchyroll, their competitor. Funimation’s digital copies are not supported by Crunchyroll, creating quite a buzz on social media lately as anime fans react to it.

Crunchyroll doesn’t support Funimation digital copies

Despite the merger of Crunchyroll and Funimation, it is the latter that has confirmed its digital copies are not supported. It’s worth noting that Funimation had allowed users to purchase DVDs and Blu-ray digital files of content.

With that no longer being supported, users who already own Funimation digital copies are upset over their copies not being supported. In fact, to express their disagreement with the decision, anime fans took to social media to criticize it.

Anime fans slam Crunchyroll for not supporting Funimation digital copies

There might be many users who have Funimation digital copies. However, since they are no longer supported by Crunchyroll following the merger, these users have been upset over the decision and have been expressing their frustration.

One of the users wrote, “Stop paying for streaming media. But things you actually own. Or get it elsewhere”. Another one added “We really need federal law to protect digital purchases. This is really getting out of hand”.

Not to forget, the company’s website states: “Please note that Crunchyroll does not currently support Funimation digital copies, which means that access to previously available digital copies will not be supported”.


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