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who is Mesha Collins? Why Collins is suing Drake for $4 billion?

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Mesha Collins

Apparently, Mesha Collins is suing Drake for $4 billion, alleging defamation and charging him of using her name and likeness in ‘defamatory matters’ via his music, social media posts, and product affirmations

The rapper also stated that Mesha Collins is harassing her by publishing her address. On the report of court documents acquired by the celebrity gossip outlet, Collins got into a vindication with the rapper’s lawyer, Stanton “Larry” Stein, and hung upon him.

Earlier, Drake contradicted Collins’ claims and filed a declaration. “In April 2017, somebody broke into my Los Angeles home while I was away. I was not told anything about the trespasser, including her name,” Drake wrote.


Details About The Break-in

During an April 2017 break-in, Collins took several items from Drake’s Hidden Hills mansion, including soda and water. She was arrested for breaking into Drake’s residence while wearing one of his hoodies, claiming to have permission to be there. 

Mesha Collins

Around 10:30 AM, the police were called to the scene after Mesha Collins allegedly broke into Drake’s mansion. When the authorities responded to a burglary call at Drake’s residence in 2017, they found the violator had gobbled up some of the rapper’s refreshments and was confined in the room. No criminal charges were filed against Collins since Drizzy determined she had personal issues. She was released after posting a $100,000 bond. Moreover, Drake himself decided not to press any mental charges taking into consideration her mental health. 

Drake and His Lawyer’s Accusations

Both Drake, as well as his lawyer, want this case thrown out as the rapper claims he is not only unaware of Collins, but also didn’t know she existed until after the suit was filed. His lawyer claims that Collins arranged to file the suit to procure access to meet with the rapper. 

Another Similar Incident

In March, a woman was arrested at Drake’s Toronto mansion after confronting a security guard and slamming him with a pipe. Mesha Collins is the second woman to be prosecuted by the law for showing up at his house.


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