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Who is Lawsy? Rapper’s age controversy Explained

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Lawsy, the popular rapper who got fame at a really young age with his songs is gaining limelight these days for his real age. Well, the rapper has been believed to be a teenager. Yet during one of his interview recently he revealed his real age which is shocking. So, what’s the real age of Lawsy according to him?

Read ahead to know more about rapper Lawsy’s age creates buzz on internet.

A little about rapper Lawsy

Lawsy is a popular rapper who rose to fame from TikTok. He began with tiktok where he would post his videos. Eventually he dropped one of his original song titled “Please Me” that became an instant hit. Which made him popular as a rapper. He posts comedy videos on his tiktok too.


Yet his journey on tiktok began in the year 2021. This year his song Please Me became a hit. While no one known his real age. He is believed to be a teenager. But now a debate has began on internet about his age. As recently Lawsy himself revealed his real age which is hard to believe.

How old did Lawsy called himself?

Recently, while talking to an interviewer Hakeem Rowe he was asked about his real age. In response to which he said that he is 27 years old. It was unbelievable as everyone believed he is a teenager. Yet the interviewer asked Lawsy to show his real ID proof. Which he refused to give. But he was trying to convince that he is indeed 27.

The interviewer told the rapper that he looked like a 14 years old. To which the rapper said “14 is crazy”. No doubt this created a buzz on internet as no one is ready to believe the age Lawsy about him. In fact, some of his songs have been hinting he is really young.


Netizens’ reaction on Lawsy’s real age

Netizens have reacted on the real age of rapper Lawsy where they said that Lawsy is a teenager. Meanwhile, some of them have said that the rapper attends high school with them.

Certainly internet is having mixed reason among which some do believe the rapper. While many of them don’t. However, whatever may be his age, he is literally growing popular among his fans a lot. As he is active on tiktok with a huge fan following of him.


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