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Who is Joe Budden’ Girlfriend? Is He in A Relationship?

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Joe Budden

Joseph Anthony Budden II also known as Joe Budden too is an American rapper and songwriter who is even a media broadcaster personality and is known for a lot of podcasts too.

The celebrated artists have always been in the limelight. When it comes to his private life, it is pretty much of a mess, considering the fact that his ex-fiance had accused him of sexual harassment. Let’s say that the relationship ended on really bad terms. Joe Budden has been rumored to date Kaylin Gracia, Jazzman Kendrick, Amber Rose, Cyn Santana, Daphne Rosen, and Somaya Reece.

Recently he made it to the headlines because of a story he posted on his social media platform or let’s say it was more of a troll. He posted saying “she says I don’t poet her” along with her girlfriend’s picture whose name is Shadee Monique. Though, a lot of fans showed criticism of his story saying “he is too old for these jokes”. Another fan said, “whether it’s a joke or not his energy is the worst”.

But one thing is for sure, that the man’s charming persona has captivated the hearts of not just his fans but some really pretty and recognized women of the industry too.

Coming to his *rumored* girlfriend she runs a boutique called “Nyzooree”. It is probably the first time Joe Budden has dated someone out of the industry. Though, Monique’s following on Instagram is not less than that of any celebrity. Her username is @therealcateyes and she has more than 500 thousand followers.

The rumor came into existence when outsources saw Joe Budden flirting with Monique on one of her posts. And then we got to see another video where Monique was flirting with Budden. Someone had probably captured the video while shouting the name. The couple looked so in love. Aah! Total love birds. Since they flirted on a public platform everyone started suspected something was going on and soon it became a controversial topic.


It has even been speculated that Budden called off his marriage and broke with her ex-fiancè because of Monique.

We think all this evidence is enough to prove that Budden is dating the lady and we hope the woman brings smoothness into his chaotic dating life for the better.


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