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Who is Happy Face Killer? Where is Keith Hunter Jesperson Now?

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keith hunter jesperson

Keith Hunter Jesperson, name sounds different, right? Well, you will be getting answers to your questions below.

Who is Keith Hunter Jesperson?

Keith Hunter is famous for being an American Serial Killer. Though he claims that he has done 185 murders but only 8 of them has been proved. He has been known as ‘Happy Face Killer’ which is clearly opposite to what he has done, he has brutally murdered eight of them just in between 1990 to 1995.

In general, he has murdered them who were his girlfriends, s*x workers, and the people whom he had been known for short period of time. Murdering could be considered as a short crime in front of the crimes he has committed including rape and strangle.

keith hunter jesperson

Keith Jesperson who had a well worth family with three children and wife. But then he chose to create an uncomfortable environment for them. It has been described by his elder daughter of how uncomfortable situation he used to create in front of them being clearly explicit about his sexual relationships.

Why is Keith Jesperson called as ‘Happy Face Killer’?

The fact that he is called as Happy Face Killer would be shocking for you. Before getting known to everyone, after committing the crime he used to leave a note about confessing his crime in terms of messages by drawing a smiley faces on it. This behaviour led him to be nicknamed as such, it is scary to know of how he used to end his crime in such a way.

keith hunter jesperson

Where is Keith Hunter Now?

As it’s said though you are a serial killer you can never escape the law. That’s what happened here Keith Jesperson has been sentenced for Imprisonment of Life in Oregon State Penitentiary. His crime was considered on 30 March 1995 on the charge of murdering Julie Winningham with whom he had been in a relationship.
After getting arrested and sentenced for life he revealed his early crimes too . After his revelation, it led police officers to open the old cases in different places and after the investigation it was confirmed that it was him who did it.


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