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Who is Alyshia Tkacs? Former cheerleading coach arrested for abusing a minor over

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Alyshia Tkacs



Former Rhode Island cheerleader coach Alyshia Tkacs was detained for child abuse almost ten years ago, according to police. At the time, the victim was between the ages of 12 and 14. The abuse is reported to have started in 2012 and lasted for two years.

Following testimony from the victim, who is now an adult, the 33-year-old was charged with five charges of first-degree child molestation and two instances of second-degree child molestation, according to a statement from East Rhode Island Police.

The victim described her ordeal to the authorities, saying that Tkacs had abused her “nearly daily.” Police opened an investigation into the situation shortly after the revelation.

Lt. Michael Rapoza stated the following regarding the case:

“The victim reported that s*xual assaults occurred in East Providence and Barrington, R.I. during the two-year period and occurred almost daily.”

The police finally detained Tkacs at her Cranston home after nearly a month of searching. Authorities claimed that if the victim had not chosen to come forward, the accused would not currently be in jail.

Responses to Alyshia Tkacs’ crime include, “She had a daughter who is that age”

The claims have caught Veronica Seavey off guard, who knew Tkacs from nursing school.

In an interview with the news outlet WJAR, Seavey stated:

“It just didn’t seem like something that she would do and she had a daughter who is that age.”

At the Superior Cheer All Stars gym in East Providence, Alyshia Tkacs oversaw a competitive cheerleading squad. In 2018, the plant was closed.

The gym where the incident occurred, however, insisted they were unaware of the abuse.

Dawn Castonguay, the gym’s owner, stated in a statement:

“Never thought it was a molestation thing since they were still hanging out after they both left the gym.”

Tkacs was employed for the Care New England Health System in Rhode Island at the time of her arrest. The hospital sent the following statement to WPRI-TV:

“Care New England conducted background checks prior to employment and those were clean. She has been suspended indefinitely without pay and denied access to our campus. We take the care and safety of our community very seriously, so we immediately took action when notified.”


Seven counts of child molestation against Tkacs were brought by a grand jury. She was ordered to be kept without bail by a judge, according to police sources.

The next court date for Alyshia Tkacs is June 23, but she has not yet made a decision. Online records show that she does not have an attorney.

Anyone with information regarding more Tkacs victims is urged to contact Detective Spremulli at (401) 435-7600, ext. 20024, according to the police.


Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) programme at the School of Mass Communication, KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar.

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