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Where to buy Villano Antillano Tour 2023 Tickets, Price, and Dates

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Villano Antillano

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Villano Antillano is arriving with her tour very soon and fans are super excited to know that. Well, it is going to be a fun-filled tour from Villano and fans are curious to know its updates. Hence, if you are excited about it then here we have updates about it available for you as to when and what you are getting with the tour.

Read ahead to know more about the Villano Antillano tour 2023 and all the updates about the same.

Villano Antillano tour 2023 dates announced

Villano Antillano is having her tour arriving in 2023. Fans of hers are excited to know when they can enjoy her tour of her. Luckily, we have got the dates of the tour already announced. All you need is to note it down now.

The 2023 tour of Villano is to kick start on 17th August and it will conclude on 27th August. Thus Villano is to perform on the dates 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 25th, and 27th of August 2023. So, it’s going to be a fun-filled event for all this time with Villano.

What’s going to be special about Villano Antillano tour 2023?

It is for the first time that Villano Antillano is coming on her US tour. Hence, it would be a delight for her US fans for sure this year. While some of her hit tracks would be performed too at the tour like Mi Gente, La Vida Es Un Carnaval, and others.

Not to miss, some unreleased songs might be there too on the tour. Villano in her tour would be performing in Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Silver Spring, Philadelphia, and New Haven. So, if you don’t want to miss the fun at any cost. Then here we have the ticket details for the same.


Tickets details for Villano Antillano tour 2023

If you have no clue where to get the tickets for the Villano Antillano tour 2023. As the ticket information would be available on the website of Live Nation. The general tickets for the tour would be available from 16th March 2023.

The timings for the general sale tickets are 10 am local time. Though the prices of the tickets are not available now. Do grab your tickets on time before it gets sold out. For details visit the ticketing website.


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