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Where to buy BTS Butter Funko Pop, Release Date, and Pre-order

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BTS Butter Funko Pop

BTS fans are always keen to grab anything that comes from their favorite k-pop band as recently they have got the news about the BTS Butter Funko Pop. Yes, Funko Pop has back again collaborated with the famous band. Hence fans of them are all excited to know about the band’s Butter Funko Pop. So, where can you grab them?

Read ahead to know more about it and other details.

BTS Butter Funko Pop release date

BTS holds a massive fan following across the globe as such whatever that comes from the band is always desirable to their fans. Hence this time too, fans of them would be able to get their Butter album-themed miniature figurines coming from Funko Pop.

Well, if you are excited to get your Funko Pop. Then you must read ahead to know about it. As it was on June 23rd that the Funko Pop inspired from the album Butter of BTS was presented for all in public. Hence, you can have your favorite collectibles soon.


What’s special about the BTS Butter Funko Pop?

Funko Pop brings a lot of collectibles, toys, and accessories from the pop culture world. As they have previously collaborated with the band BTS as well. However, this time their new collection comes from BTS’s 2021 released an album titled “Butter”.

These Butter-inspired collectibles are actually with the looks of the k-pop band as it was in the Butter album. The Funko Pop collectibles of BTS this time have the band members with square faces. The miniature figurines look exactly like the band members. While they are with a mugshot having their date of birth written on it.


Where to buy and prices of BTS Butter Funko Pop?

If you are looking to buy the collectibles. Then you can either buy the miniature of BTS band members individually or you can buy them all together.

Well, the price of the individual miniature figures is $11.99 USD. While the seven members pack is for $83.88 USD. BTS Funko Pop is currently available through pre-order with Pop Rocks! giving supply in October. Meanwhile, Walmart Exclusive is set to ship in by early December.


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