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Where Is “The Harder They Fall” Filmed? The Plot, How to Watch, Cast & Other Details

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The Harder They Fall

The Western genre is getting a new courtesy, “The Harder they fall,” written by Jeymes Samuel.  

The Harder they Fall is another film with a blast. It is yet another film that portrays western culture. This Netflix film is not going to be the same as John Wayne’s film.  

The genre is Western. The western genres are one of the most iconic Hollywood films. It became popular in the 1930s-1950s. This film is viral among various other movies. Here is everything you need to know The Harder they fall.  

What is the plot of “The Harder they fall?”  

The Netflix synopsis shows “Gunned for revenge, and outlaw Nat Love saddles up. The enemy takes down Rufus Buck, a ruthless crime boss. “The plot is straightforward and engaging. The movie will come down as the great storyline between Nat Love and Rufus Buck. The same title, “The Harder they fall,” is a movie. This movie is based on boxing, while the latest series is based on western.  

The Harder They Fall

The cast

It is exhilarating and fascinating that “The Harder they Fall” is headlined by Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, and Oscar-winner Regina King.  


Elba is Rufus Buck, while others are parts of the gang. These members are all main leads. At the same time, the others are opposite to these main leads. The main rivalry is Majors playing Nat Love. Alongside him is Zazie Beetz as Stagecoach Mary.  

Other cast members are also included in the series. The series consists of various other members that are unique and play significant roles.  

Is there “The Harder they fall” trailer?  

The trailer is also launched that features the original and new song. Jay-Z and Kid Cudi created this movie with the original song.  

This June, we were able to see “The Harder they fall” trailer.  

How to watch “The Harder they fall?”  

“The Harder they fall” trailer is already released. The movie will also be launching soon. You can watch the film this time on the big screen on 22nd October. The release date is 22nd October. Suppose you are a big fan of movies and want to watch these movies in a better way. Then, you can watch in affordable subscription deals. These movie theaters are cheap.  

You can also watch this movie on Netflix. The subscription plans on Netflix are weekly, monthly, and yearly. The subscription plans are already affordable in many countries.  

The Harder They Fall

When is the release date ?  

The release date is 22nd October. Everyone can see this movie already on Netflix. This movie is available on various platforms. Many people can see this movie on different local televisions also. 


Where is the “The Harder They Fall “ filmed-

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico. A good portion was filmed in Cerro Pelon Ranch, located 24 miles south and east of Santa Fe. The area of this ranch is around 20,662 acres. The ranch was built in 1985 for the film ‘Silverado’. A lot of western films have been shot here.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Chama, New Mexico 

A village in Rio Arriba county, it is located in the mountains about 11 km south of the Colorado-New Mexico border. Besides Harder They Fall (2021) other films including, Godless (2017), Hostiles (2017), and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).

Chama, New Mexico

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