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What Happened to Erica Hoy? Australian actress dies after car accident at 26

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Erica Hoy

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Erica Hoy, a young Australian actress died in a car crash leaving back her family in mourning. The incident is reported to have happened on 1st November 2022. Where the actress wasn’t alone when the accident happened. As she had her twin sister and her boyfriend traveling along with her on an ill-fated day. But how did the accident happen?

Read ahead to know more about Erica Hoy died in a fatal car accident.

Who was Erica Hoy?

Erica Hoy was a budding Australian actress born in the UK back in 1996. She had a twin sister Lisa and her parents were from Japan and Australia. As her mother was Japanese while her father was Australian. They shifted to Australia back in 2015.

Erica Hoy

Erica and her twin sister were students of Art and Language Courses at Flinders University. While the twin sisters had an interest in films, Erica was an evolving actress. However, recently bad news about her came that left us all broken at it.


Erica Hoy dies in a car accident

The fatal accident taking the life of Erica Hoy and injuring three others happened on 1st November 2022. When on the Port River Expressway, Gilman the car of Erica Hoy had an accident. It happened at around 9 pm on the ill fated day when the Toyota Prius of Erica had an accident.

That day, Erica Hoy was travelling with her twin sister Lisa and boyfriend Mike Reader. The car was hit by another vehicle forcing it in the direction of a truck causing the fatal accident. The accident took the life of 26 years old actress and police held one in the accident named Carlie Eileen Richards.

Erica Hoy

More about the car accident of Erica Hoy

Erica Hoy’s demise in the fatal car accident has left all her loved ones broken. Moreover, police caught Carlie Eileen Richards in the accident as according to them she was behind at the time of the fatal car crash. While she also tried to run away from the accident scene.

She was though mentally unfit to stand any trial and as such had a bedside hearing at Adelaide’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Further, she has been charged with reckless driving, escaping the death scene, and more.

Meanwhile, Greg, father of Erica remembered his daughter Erica saying “She never gave us anything to worry about. I’m glad she didn’t pass away alone. She was a bright, happy, positive young girl. She was coming back from an acting course…when it happened”.


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