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TikToker goes vial after Karen ruins the wedding with loud lawnmower during the ceremony

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Credit: Tiktok/vampyyric


Tiktok these days is trending a video of a Karen ruining a wedding with a lawnmower that’s loud enough to spoil the day. Yes, TikTok can sometimes just leave everyone shocked at certain content that’s just hard to miss. This time too the same happened with a wedding video. But what exactly happens at the wedding that’s making it viral?

Read ahead to know more about Karen going viral for ruining a wedding with a loud lawnmower.

Tiktok trending Karen’s video of ruining a wedding

Wedding day is always special for everyone. While everyone plans every event of it so minutely. It would be annoying if someone tries to ruin it. Yes, it can just spoil someone’s big day. That’s exactly what happened with a couple when they were going to get married.


Yes, in the viral video of the couple who were getting married. A Karen ruined their special moment of them with her lawnmower. As the bride began to walk down the aisle. The lady began to shout at the attendees of the wedding. Alongside this, she was using her loud lawnmower as well.

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Couple’s reaction over the Karen ruining their wedding

The video of Karen spoiling the wedding with her lawnmower was shared on the account of user “vampyyric”. The video came up in June and shared the details about the wedding that was shocking to see. As per the TikTok who shared the video, the lady with her lawnmower kept mowing during the wedding. That no one could hear the vows.

However, everyone did try to make the lady with the lawnmower understand to stop. Yet she didn’t stop using the lawnmower. The video has now gone viral on TikTok. Where users are just seeing how it all went with the loud lawnmower at the wedding.

Users reaction to the viral Karen’s video

While this video of the lady ruining someone’s special day was something hard to miss. The video went so viral that it got more than 300k views over it. Meanwhile, users gave their own reactions to the video as well.

As some users said the couple must now take revenge by ringing the lady’s doorbell at 3 am. While other users too disliked the act of the lady with the lawnmower.


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