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The Skibidi Toilet: Bizarre YouTube Videos Leave Viewers Confused and Take Over the Internet

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Skibidi toilet

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The Skibidi Toilet is the latest video trending on social media, and many are curious to know more about it. Social media never fails to amaze its users with viral videos and images that often trend a lot. This time, too, we have found one such trending video, and it’s about the Skibidi Toilet. But what exactly is it?

Read ahead to know more about the viral Skibidi Toilet and the reasons why it’s trending on social media.

The Skibidi Toilet goes viral on the internet

Social media is brimming with videos and images that can captivate your attenti on. Often, there are videos with content that you just can’t afford to miss. Recently, there’s been a surge in the popularity of videos on social media, and the one making everyone curious is the Skibidi Toilet.


This singing toilet is likely something you haven’t encountered before. Numerous videos featuring the Skibidi Toilet have garnered millions of views. While many may be wondering why this video is gaining so much traction on social media, worry not – we’re here to fill you in on the details.

What’s the Skibidi Toilet videos going viral on the internet?

The Skibidi Toilet videos constitute a series created by a user on DaFuq!?Boom!, who introduced this concept back in February of this year. Essentially, Skibidi Toilets are animated singing toilets. While they lack a compelling narrative, many users find the videos amusing.

What makes these singing toilets intriguing is their incorporation of human heads with electronic devices attached. Additionally, they exhibit humanoid characteristics. The videos depict them engaging in wars against each other in each episode, with new characters being introduced over time.


More about the viral Skibidi Toilet

While users have grown fond of the Skibidi Toilet video series, the creator, DaFuq!?Boom!, began uploading these videos in February of this year. Over time, the videos gained immense popularity, propelling the user’s YouTube channel to approximately 22 million subscribers.

The channel has amassed over 8 billion views in total. Regarding the song and videos, DaFuqBoom mentioned to Dexerto, “I did a parody of her [Paryss Bryanne] on the ‘skibidi dop dop yes yes’ meme. Skibidi Toilet video was a random thing, just based on [an unexpected] head popping out of the toilet.”


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