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Texas: Gonzalo Lopez stabs guard and escapes prison bus

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Gonzalo Lopez

(Texas Department of Criminal Justice)


A man Gonzalo Lopez serving lifetime imprisonment has fled away stabbing the bus driver. While Lopez was in jail on capital murder charges. He and other inmates of the prison were on a bus when the incident happened. But how did he run away from the spot? As authorities are looking for Lopez. Here’s what you must know about him.

Read ahead to know more about Gonzalo Lopez who fled away stabbing the driver of the bus.

Who is Gonzalo Lopez?

Gonzalo Lopez who happens to be a 46 years old guy. His full name is Gonzalo Artemio Lopez. As far as his background is concerned then he has several charges on him. In fact, his current punishment was for the Capital murder he committed in the year 2006. As per the reports, in that incident, he murdered a guy with a pickaxe close to the southern border.

In fact, Lopez has multiple charges on him including firing gunshots at a sheriff. Owing to this he is not eligible for any parole till 2045 or close. Lately, he has been in prison for over lifetime imprisonment though. However, he ran away from there too.

Gonzalo Lopez ran away stabbing the driver of the bus

While Gonzalo and his inmates of the prison were on a prison bus from Houston and Dallas on May 12th. The 46 years old murderer actually somehow managed to escape from his shackles. Further, he stabbed the hand of the bus driver and even took his service gun.

Gonzalo Lopez
via KPRC

Meanwhile, while he escaped the driver of the prison bus, another guard tried hard to fire a pistol and shotgun at him. However, unfortunately, he ran away from the spot and is untraceable till now. Yet, the authorities are seriously on their manhunt mission to track him down.

Manhunt to track Gonzalo Lopez by authorities

While the Texas prison serving murderer was last seen running away through the cow pasture land. After his escape though, about 300 officials were searching for Lopez on Friday as he ran away on May 12th. Further one of the school close to the area from where Lopez ran away, even called off their classes.

Additionally, to track him down the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice has even announced a reward amount of $15, 000 to whoever gives the information about Lopez to the authorities.


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