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Prime Energy drinks banned by schools over caffeine levels and shady sales tactics

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Prime energy drink

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Prime energy drinks are getting banned in schools and here’s the reason why the decision has been taken. As many schools have already banned Prime drinks. Some are yet to take the action on the Prime drink for school students. But why are schools banning the drinks?

Read ahead to know more about Prime drinks banned in schools and here’s the reason why.

All about the popular energy drink Prime

Prime drinks came into the market after a collaboration over the brand between Logan Paul and KSI. Ever since this energy drink came out on the market. The brand has been grabbing a lot of attention with immense popularity among its customers.

The customers of Prime drink have loved the product a lot even with its other flavours. However, it seems like the drink has some issues with schools now. As lots of schools have banned the Prime drink recently. While some more might go to ban it.


Schools have banned the energy drink Prime

Recently we got to know from Yahoo News and Bristol World that schools have banned the energy drink Prime. Among a few of them are the schools Fairfield High School, Forest View Primary School, Marden Bridge Middle School, Redland Green School, and others who took the decision.

But many are unaware of why schools took the decision to ban the drink. Well, it was due to the high caffeine content in the Prime energy drinks that schools banned the drinks on the premises. Moreover, the students below 17 were having more craze for this drink among them which was not good for them.

Schools issued parental warnings over Prime drinks

Several schools have issued parental warnings to stop the use of Prime drinks by students below 17 years of age. Not to forget caffeine are good in some cases, yet if consumed in high quantity can cause anxiety, dehydration, restlessness, and more such problems.


Prime drink website itself states that the drink is not for below 17 years of age. While Prime is having double the caffeine content in comparison to the competitor products like Red Bull, Monster, and others. As such looking at the craze of the product among the young students of the schools and its impact on their health. Several schools have banned it. While some more schools may ban the drink soon.


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