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Meaning Of Asian Fishing As Ariana Grande’s Latest Photos Divides Twitter

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Asian Fishing

The ‘Thank You Next‘ Star, Ariana Grande, got into a Twitter controversy that creates a divide on social media over her recent Instagram post. In her post, people voiced their thoughts about it by stating an offensive term- Asian Fishing. Ariana Grande, 28-year-old, is one of the famous and talented singers and songwriters all over the world.

Her Instagram was posted on December 5, that later removed from her profile after it went viral. Netizens commented that Ariana is ‘Asian Fishing’ her followers. In the post, The Voice judge was wearing an oversized coat and poses in front of the camera. What made her postviral was the makeup that she wore with the outfit. The post went viral on Twitter and since then, trolling started!

What Is The Meaning Of Asian Fishing?

Asian Fishing is an offensive term used for an individual when dresses up or wears makeup like an Asian but in reality, is not Asian. Also, if a person tries to dress as well and makes a stereotypical Asian attire resemble more. The person is not Asian if born and brought up is out of Asia, especially in Europe. Some people compare this term with Black Fishing, which is quite a derogatory term. Black fishing refers to when a person of fair complexion tries to tease people with a dark complex.


Why Ariana Grande Trolled For Asian Fishing Her Followers?

The viral photos that went viral and got trolled by the netizens featured Ariana Grande wearing an oversize coat while she poses. The makeup by the singer was the center of trolling as it seemed offensive. It resembled with Asian look according, to some netizens. Ariana Grande posted the pictures on her official social media handle on December 1 this year but, it later went viral. True fans of Ariana Grande supported her and loved her look in the post. While; some commented and called it Asian Fishing. After the troll, Ariana Grande deleted the post from her Instagram profile. Many people started comparing her eye looks in past years after the trolling.

Twitter Divides

Many stood against the post by claiming that this was offensive to what Ariana Grande did; while others defended the world-famous star. One of the users tweeted that, starting to think if users of Twitter do not know what Asian and Black people look like. If someone looks at Ariana Grande and thinks that she is anything other than white then it is their problem.


Some tweeted pics of Ariana and stated a lot of these, Ariana Grande is Asian Fishing. Others said, that after viewing comments, it seems you all have never seen Asian people. One of the users defended her makeup by stating that it is not Asian Fishing. But she did the Fox Eye, and it looks different for people depending on eye shape.


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