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Logan Paul Makes WWE History: Title Win and Epic Punch on Wrestling Legend Rey Mysterio

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Logan Paul

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In a shocking turn of events at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to become the WWE United States Champion. It was a significant moment for Paul, who had only recently entered the world of professional wrestling.

The Match’s Unexpected Twist

The match took an unexpected twist when Rey Mysterio attempted to finish off Logan Paul with his special move, the 619. However, Paul had a trick up his sleeve. He had hidden brass knuckles on his right hand, which he used to land a devastating punch just as Mysterio was coming down from the top rope. This move left Mysterio with no chance to defend his championship.

Logan Paul’s Journey to WWE Gold

Logan Paul’s journey to this championship win was quite remarkable. He started as a popular YouTuber and then ventured into the world of boxing, where he even faced off against the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition bout. This diverse experience led him to a recent boxing match against MMA fighter Dillon Danis

, where he won via disqualification due to interference from security and team members.

After defeating Danis, Paul expressed his interest in joining WWE during a post-fight interview. He challenged Rey Mysterio for a U.S. title match, and this marked the beginning of his WWE adventure. In the following week’s SmackDown, Paul passionately declared his love for WWE and his goal of winning a championship.

A Rivalry Heats Up

The rivalry between Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio escalated with fiery exchanges of words. Mysterio even drew comparisons between Paul and his own estranged son, Dominik. Their match was made official for Crown Jewel, and Paul’s victory solidified his status as a top star in WWE.

Logan Paul’s Remarkable Victory

Logan Paul’s victory at Crown Jewel was a major achievement. Despite his limited experience in professional wrestling, he adapted quickly and put on a dynamic performance alongside Rey Mysterio. His ability to excel in scripted sports entertainment has been impressive.


With his massive social media following, Paul has become a key figure for WWE as the company aims to reach a broader audience. His transition from YouTube to boxing and now WWE showcases his versatility as a celebrity wrestler.

A Bright Future in WWE

In Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul achieved his goal of becoming the United States Champion in WWE. Although the match had a controversial moment involving brass knuckles, Paul’s victory demonstrated his dedication and hard work. In his post-match speech, Paul hinted at more remarkable accomplishments in WWE, emphasizing that this championship was just the beginning of his journey. Logan Paul, the influencer-turned-wrestler, has made history in WWE.


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