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Lizzy Capri Ditches Children’s TV for OnlyFans Stardom, Attracts a Surprising Subscriber Base

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Lizzy Capri



Children’s TV host Lizzy Capri is leaving kid’s content behind and is ready to embark on her OnlyFans career. Lizzy has been creating content for children for a long time. However, it seems like she no longer finds it satisfying. This is why she has decided to create adult content.

Read ahead to learn more about Lizzy Capri, the children’s TV host, who is now starting her career on OnlyFans.

A little about Lizzy Capri

Lizzy Capri is a popular content creator, known for her content, which includes toy hacks and science-related content suitable for children. She is also active on social media, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or elsewhere, with thousands of followers.

While her videos have done well on social media, it seems like Capri isn’t satisfied with her career and wants to make a change. Recently, Capri broke her silence over her new venture on another platform that might surprise you.


Lizzy Capri is all set to begin her OnlyFans career

There are several content creators who aren’t satisfied with their lives and the type of content they have been producing. As a result, they switch to other sources of income, with one of the most popular choices being OnlyFans. This adult content platform has proven profitable for many, despite receiving criticism for its inappropriate nature.

Lizzy Capri has also decided to become an OnlyFans content creator. Regarding this decision, she stated to Daily Star, “ I reached a breaking point and realized i didn’t want to make kid’s content anymore”. She spoke at length about her new beginning, which has surprised many of her fans.


Lizzy Capri on starting career with OnlyFans

Lizzy talked about starting on the OnlyFans platform. As she said, “I’m a grown woman, I don’t enjoy running around in slime and playing hide and seek and getting my house really messy for videos”.

An expected outcome from the adult site for Lizzy may reach $500k this year. About reaction from users over her new OnlyFans career she said “I’ve got mixed reactions from parents. I’ve definitely got some dad subscribers now, they can watch and enjoy”.

Lizzy seems to be excited about her OnlyFans journey. As she expressed her excitement she said, “I’m so much happier now. I feel like i have been able to turn my career from a burden, something i really didn’t love to do anymore, into something empowering”.


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