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Jason Miller, Rust Crew Member Suffering Injuries from Spider Bite: Is Rust Movie Cursed?

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Jason Miller Rust Movie Set

Rumors have surfaced for the ‘Rust’ as cursed. As one more time, a crew member was injured. Yes, you read it right. Jason Miller is suffering from a spider bite on the sets. He was part of the wrap team as per the reports. Get the full story below

Who is Jason Miller?

Jason Miller is the crew member at the sets of ‘Rust’ by Alec Baldwin. He is a lamp operator and pipe rigger. Unexpectedly, he was bit by a poisonous spider at the film set. As per the reports, Jason has been hospitalized. There are surgeries and intense care going on to stop the infection.

Doctors are trying their best to save his arm from amputation. There were some initiatives as well taken to raise funds for the medical expenses. Later, the page for the initiative was down. The fundraising initiative exceeded its target amount and the total sum was raised at US$10,185. The initiative was by the family. The doctors said family to be strong if an amputation takes place. The family


The crew member felt discomfort within some days of the bite. He was closing the production, a poisonous brown recluse spider bit him. The incident took place in New Mexico at the set of the film.

Why the sets of the film rumored as cursed?

There were many tweets as consecutive tragic incidents happened on the sets. On October 21, the demise of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins happened, unexpectedly. This happened by the misfire of prop gun by Alec Baldwin. This left everyone from the entertainment industry in shock. The tragic shoot injured the director Joel Souza.

As per reports, there has been much accidental shooting over the set. Many crew members of the set resigned. They reported about the unsafe working environment.

Rust Movie Set

Former lead camera assistant Lane Luper reported accidental firing and discharge of a special explosive. And, the prop gun loaded with live rounds as per the reports. Alec broke the silence over this. He said, he is left with no words to convey the shock. And how disheartened he is about the tragic incident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins. He is ready to support the family and cooperate with the police for necessary investigations regarding the incident.

Regarding the latest incident, Alec said that every film set use props and gun. The props are used under the supervision of police officers. An investigation is on regarding the incident. There are petitions filed to not use real guns and ban them on the sets.


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