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IShowSpeed’ Emotional Livestream: Breakup with Aaliyah Amid Cheating Allegations Unfolds

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ishowspeed and aaliyah

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Streamer IShowSpeed has broken up with his girlfriend, Aaliyah, and the news has shocked everyone. Speed has been one of the most popular streamers on the internet, and his content often goes viral. This time, his love life is making headlines as he has parted ways with his girlfriend, and the reasons behind it are here.

Read ahead to learn more about IShowSpeed breaking up with his girlfriend, Aaliyah, and the shocking reasons behind it.

IShowSpeed and his girlfriend Aaliyah

Streamer IShowSpeed, apart from his viral livestreams these days, is also grabbing attention for his relationship with girlfriend Aaliyah. The duo has been in a relationship for quite some time, and he even introduced his girlfriend during the live-streams.

However, despite a good relationship between the two, the recent news about the couple has left the fans quite shocked. IShowSpeed has broken up with his girlfriend, and the reason behind it is something you won’t want to miss.


IShowSpeed breaks up with girlfriend Aaliyah

Fans were left shocked recently when they found out that streamer IShowSpeed has broken up with his girlfriend, Aaliyah. Despite the relationship between the two going fine, it was because of the latter’s cheating that Speed decided to break up.

It was in a TikTok video that Speed first saw Aaliyah with another man in bed. While on Discord, he found some more videos and pictures of her with the same guy. He even shared those with Kai Cenat, creating a lot of drama on the internet too.

IShowSpeed shares with Kai Cenat about Aaliyah cheating on him

After finding out about Aaliyah cheating on him, IShowSpeed called her to confront her. Although she claimed that the images and videos of her with another man were old, he shared the details with Kai Cenat. Following this, he broke up with her.


To his girlfriend, Speed said, “I am not going to call or hit you up ever. Me, I am growing up, about to be 19 and s**t. My life is changing, I am not dealing with this lolly-golly s**t. I met Ronaldo, my n****. And I know Ronaldo won’t even go for that s**t, so. That’s my straightforward bro”.

Though the breakup must have been tough for Speed. However, with Kai Cenat, he was seen celebrating it even saying “I did it, I did it! I am the f****g man! I’m a f****g man”.


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