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Is Blake Lively Planning to Retire From Hollywood After Ryan Reynolds Quits Acting?

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With Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcoming their fourth child, fans have been thinking if Blake is planning to retire from Hollywood. Well, both Ryan and Blake have been amazing couples with a sweet family that has three daughters. However, now as both head to expand that family. Is Blake to finally retire from Hollywood?

Read ahead to know if Blake Lively is planning her retirement from Hollywood.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds relationship

One of the most amazing couple in Hollywood has been Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Who were earlier good friends and later started dating each other. Eventually, the duo even got married in the year 2012. The couple has ever since then been growing strong with each other.

Blake and Ryan even welcomed their three daughters James, Inez, and Betty. While now the couple is still expanding their family. As they are both expecting their fourth child together. Which they confirmed in September this year.

Ryan Reynolds took a break for his family

Both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have had good careers ahead of them. However, Ryan has been saying himself that he wants to look after his family and is taking a break. While now they are even expecting a child together that will take their time.

Hence, fans have been thinking that with the expansion of Blake and Ryan’s family. Blake’s acting career might be coming to an end and if so then she might be planning a retirement for herself from Hollywood now. Ryan’s break for his family has been quite evident.

Is Blake Lively retiring from Hollywood?

Blake Lively has been open about whether she can quit her career or not. As in the past, she has hinted at the same. However, she has officially never admitted to taking a break from acting till now. Yet, since 2020 she has been missing from the screen. Meanwhile, Blake has been open about having a big family as well.


As we have her currently focusing on her fourth child who is yet to be born. While no one knows if that would be her last kid or not. Well, if she goes for expanding her family further than Blake might take a break or even retire from Hollywood. Yet, that’s merely speculation by now as she hasn’t confirmed that.


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