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Florence Pugh Takes a Hit! Fans React to Flying Object Incident at ‘Dune 2’ Panel with Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet

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Florence Pugh

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English actress Florence Pugh experienced a shocking incident at a Dune 2 event in Brazil where she was hit with a flying object onstage. The cast of the upcoming movie Dune 2 was recently at a promotional event in Brazil when the mishap occurred. This prompted fans of Pugh to come out in support of the actress.

Read ahead to learn more about Florence Pugh getting hit with a flying object at an event for Dune 2 in Brazil.

Florence Pugh hit in the face at Brazil’s Dune 2 event

Dune 2 is set to release next year in March, and the movie’s team has been attending events to promote it. The cast and director of the film were recently at the CCXP 2023 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday to promote their movie.

The event went well for everyone except for one incident where star Florence Pugh was hit by a flying object on her face while posing for pictures with her co-stars from Dune 2. The incident has shocked everyone, and the video of it has now gone viral on social media.


More details about Florence Pugh being struck by a flying object on her face at the Dune 2 event in Brazil

A video of the Dune 2 cast from the CCXP event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has gone viral on the internet, showing a flying object hitting Florence Pugh in the face. The cast was posing for pictures together, with Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Austin Butler all smiles alongside Pugh. An object from the audience came and hit Pugh in the face.

The other cast members of Dune 2 then expressed concern, checking to see if Pugh was okay. While this isn’t the first time a star has been hit by an audience member, with incidents involving Harry Styles, Drake, and even Bebe Rexha in the past.

Fans’ reactions to Dune 2 star Florence Pugh gets hit in the face at a Brazil event

Certainly, the video showing Florence Pugh getting hit in the face by an object thrown from the audience hasn’t been well-received. The incident has prompted her fans to react on social media, expressing their disappointment.

One of the fans on social media wrote, “That’s so unfair could’ve easily hurt her”. Another wrote “oh my gosh people are so rude”. A fan even commented saying “Disgusting. It’s going to get to the point where people do not want to do live events or concerts. If they have to be worried about people throwing stuff at them and getting hurt”.


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