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Fact Check: Is Snoop Dogg Dead In 2022?

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Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg is dead but is he really dead or he has become the next victim of a death hoax? Well, you may have come across hundreds of death hoaxes of celebrities on social media. Where the news of a certain celebrity’s death spreads like a wildfire. But wait! We must look into that information thoroughly before we believe them. But the question here is Snopp Dogg really dead?

Read ahead to know more about Snoop Dogg and his death news going viral on the internet.

Facebook trended the news of Snoop Dogg’s death

While so far we have come to know the whole procedure of how fake death news begins from one post and then goes on and on spreading among all on the internet. There was a Facebook group with the name “RIP Snoop Dogg” that claimed that the rapper has died.

In fact, the post on the Facebook group even mentioned the date and time of the rapper’s death. The Facebook group was looking like something one would easily believe on. To the extent that their post on the rapper’s death news got millions of views on it too.


Is rapper Snoop Dogg dead?

Well, whether you are a fan of rapper Snoop Dogg or not. You would be happy to know that he is absolutely fine. Yes, the news about his death on the internet was all fake. Just like other celebs who have fallen prey to this death hoax before, Snoop Dogg got his name on the list.

But certainly, the good part is that the rapper is fine and far from any harm to him. Yet, people who came across the news of Snoop Dogg’s fake death news. Some of them were concerned about the well-being of the rapper. As the news went viral on social media.


Netizens reaction to Snoop Dogg’s fake death news

No doubt, firstly the news of the rapper’s death was shocking to everyone. Moreover, it was spreading everywhere too. However, soon the truth behind the news came out and everyone was happy to know that the rapper was doing fine.

Not to miss, one of the important parts of being a netizen is to look after the authenticity of the news available on the internet. As it can harm all in one or the other way. Also, the onus after coming across such a fake post is on all to not let it spread anymore. In fact, it should be reported immediately if it’s against the norms of social media.


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