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Dr Disrespect Issues Contract Demand to Kick, Following xQc’s Multi-Million Dollar Deal

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Dr Disrespect has a contract for Kick to make him join the platform after xQc sealed the deal with Kick for $70 million. With several streamers moving on to Kick. Everyone is looking forward to knowing who could be the next one to join. But here’s what Dr. Disrespect wants from Kick to switch to the platform.

Read ahead to know more about Dr Disrespect issuing a contract for Kick after the xQc deal of $70 million.

xQc deal with Kick for $70 million

Twitch streamers have been moving to the rival platform Kick and there are a lot of streamers who are likely to do it really soon. Recently, xQc and Amouranth were among the two streamers who took the decision to do so.

In fact, xQc’s deal with the platform Kick was finalized at $70 million. Though the exact details about the deal of Amouranth aren’t known yet. But we certainly came to know Kick has been trying to get some of the big streamers on its platform and they have been giving them good deals too.

Dr Disrespect hints about his desired Kick deal

xQc had an amazing deal of $70 million with Kick. But that’s not it, Dr Disrespect seems to switch to Kick as well. Yes, recently the streamer hinted at what deal he can move to Kick as he tweeted about the same.

It was in his tweet on 22nd June that Dr Disrespect wrote “50 million is my number”. Post which everyone has been thinking if Dr Disrespect is the next one to move to Kick. However, Kick hasn’t responded to the tweet of Dr D isrespect so far.


Netizens react to Dr Disrespect’s Hint of Kick Deal

In the past few months, there have been a lot of Twitch streamers who were not convinced with the changing TOS of the platform. A lot of streamers even left Twitch for Kick. While many recently finalized their deal with Kick including xQc and Amouranth.

But now speculations are high for Dr Disrespect. Although he has already mentioned at what deal he may switch to Kick. Netizens believe, Dr Disrespect could be among the next streamers to make a move to Kick. One of the user wrote, “See you soon, Doc”. While many others are hopeful to have him on Kick soon.


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