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Diarrhea Disaster: Viral Meme Fest Erupts After Delta Flight’s Emergency Landing

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Delta Airline

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A Delta Airlines incident has gone viral after the plane had to take a U-turn because of a passenger suffering from severe diarrhea and now it has turned into a meme. The incident took place while a Delta Airlines flight was on its way from Atlanta to Barcelona on 1st September. However, a U-turn had to be taken due to a “biohazard issue”.

Read ahead to know more about the Delta Airlines diarrhea incident that turned into a meme on the internet.

The Delta Airlines diarrhea incident

Recently a very bizarre incident took place with Delta Airlines. When the flight heading from Atlanta to Barcelona had to take a U-turn because of a “biohazard issue”. That’s what the pilot was heard saying during the flight’s U-turn. A passenger onboard the flight had suffered a situation of severe diarrhea “all the way through the plane”.

The plane hence had to divert to have an emergency landing. After which the other passengers were taken to Barcelona via another plane. However, the flight actually reached the destination hours later than its scheduled time on 2nd September at 5:10 pm local time.


Delta Airlines Diarrhea incident turns into a meme on the internet

The Delta Airlines Diarrhea incident has gone viral on the internet and it has turned into a meme now. Social media users have been sharing memes of Delta Airlines’ diarrhea flight with funny reactions on the same. That surely you shouldn’t miss out.

It was all over the platform X (former Twitter). As users have been joking about the diarrhea flight. A user wrote, “THAT SMELL IS NOT HUMAN”. Another had commented saying “i need to know the aircraft type and number so i know NEVER to board this specific plane…the Delta diarrhea plane”.

More about the Delta Airlines diarrhea incident

Though the incident went viral about the Delta Airlines diarrhea flight. Delta authorities hadn’t confirmed the term “diarrhea” to speak about the incident.

A spokesperson though said “Our teams worked as quickly and safely as possible to thoroughly clean the airplane and get our customers to their final destination. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the delay and inconvenience to their travel plans”.


Not to miss, before this, another flight had to be redirected to land due to severe turbulence even causing injuries to passengers.


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