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Charles Barkley Defends Taylor Swift Against NFL Critics on ‘King Charles’: ‘Loser or Jackass

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Charles Barkley and Taylor Swift

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During a recent episode of his show “King Charles” with Gayle King, former NBA star Charles Barkley addressed NFL fans critical of Taylor Swift. He had a pointed message for those who believe she is ruining football.

Sports commentator Bob Costas joined the conversation, highlighting how Taylor Swift. has attracted a new audience to football since going public with her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. King agreed, noting the impact on young teen girls now tuning in to watch football.

Costas speculated that Swift’s presence at Super Bowl 2024 could boost ratings further. He emphasized the NFL’s dominance in American entertainment and the potential expansion into new demographics with Swift’s involvement.

Addressing Backlash and Controversy

Swift’s attendance at Chiefs’ games and the resulting controversy, with some fans frustrated by her frequent TV appearances, was discussed. Despite backlash, the Grammy winner, in her Time Person of the Year interview, explained that she attends games to support Travis Kelce and has no control over her screen time.

Swift’s recent response to a Baltimore Ravens fan who shouted that she “ruined the NFL” was mentioned. She calmly replied, “I didn’t do anything,” emphasizing her unapologetic stance amid criticism.

Charles Barkley’s direct response and the perspectives of Costas and King shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding Taylor Swift’s influence on NFL viewership. As Super Bowl 2024 approaches, Swift’s presence continues to generate discussions and controversies within the football community.


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