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Chappell Roan Opens Up About Feeling “Gay Enough” in the LGBTQ+ Community

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Chappell Roan

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Chappell Roan, the talented singer behind hits like “Good Luck, Babe!,” has opened up about her experiences within the LGBTQ+ community, revealing her personal struggles with feeling “gay enough.” In a candid interview, Roan discussed her journey with queerness and her efforts to find her place in the community.

The Missouri-born artist, whose real name is Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, has been a vocal advocate for queer joy, even before her first show in London in 2023. Recently, she made headlines by turning down a performance at the White House during Pride month as an act of defiance in support of freedom, trans rights, and women’s rights.

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In an interview with Capital Buzz, Chappell Roan shared her ongoing internal battle. “I think what I really struggled with, and still [do], is ‘being gay enough.’ I think that’s something that I feel pressure doing,” she admitted. Despite these feelings, Roan knows deep down that she does belong in the queer community. “Sometimes I just feel like, ‘do I belong in the queer community?’ within myself, but I know that’s not the case. That’s not real. I mean, granted, I obviously belong,” she affirmed.

Chappell Roan also took the opportunity to offer advice to queer fans who are still discovering their identities. “I would say, be gentle. I think it took me a second to really wrap my head around queerness. I think that is the case for every queer person, that it’s stages of, ‘Oh, this is who I am’, ‘Oh actually, it’s not’, or ‘maybe I’m not just bi, maybe I am more than bi, maybe I’m pan.’ There are so many different journeys, you know?”

The discussion around feeling “gay enough” is not unique to Roan. Fellow LGBTQ+ artist Reneé Rapp recently opened up about her own experiences within the queer community, particularly navigating internalized homophobia after coming out on “Saturday Night Live.” Rapp confessed that she avoided looking at her phone for a few days after the show due to fear and anxiety.


Roan’s reflections highlight a broader conversation within the LGBTQ+ community about the diverse and evolving nature of queer identity. Her honesty and willingness to discuss her struggles provide a sense of solidarity and reassurance for those who might be feeling similarly.

As Chappell Roan continues to navigate her journey, her voice serves as a reminder that belonging is not about meeting a certain standard but about embracing and celebrating one’s true self. Her story resonates with many who face similar challenges, and her advocacy for queer joy remains a powerful force in the community.


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