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Brian Laundrie’ Instagram: Fans of Gabbie Petito started spamming Brian’s Insta

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Brian Laundrie with girlfriend

After mysteriously disappearing on a road trip with her lover Brian Laundrie, 22-year-old Gabbie Petito has now been missing for 2 weeks. Fans are already bombarding Brian’s Instagram with questions regarding the missing girl.

Mostly in the early morning hours of September 11th, Gabby’s parents reported her missing to Suffolk County Police Station. They were driving to Oregon from Florida with her lover Brian when she suddenly ceased contacting anyone.

The Grand Teton national park in Wyoming has been the last place the 22-year-old had been seen, according to police reports.

Brian Laundrie with girlfriend

Brian Laundrie’ Instagram: Followers Spam

Steven P. Bertolino, the Laundrie family lawyer, says Brian got home in the pair’s vehicle ever since Gabby suddenly disappeared. He has become a ‘prominent figure’ in the investigation as a result.

His attorney urges him to “stay quiet” for the moment as the hunt for his girlfriend proceeds, according to reports.

It was relieved recently that Brian Laundrie’s lawyer defended his quietness by saying: “Mr. Laundrie will keep staying quiet on counsel’s guidance.”


According to a proclamation sent to Brian by  Petito’s parents on Wednesday, “Your silence is disgusting! Certainly, assist us to get Gabby back. “Kindly guide us to get Gabby safe. As for Wyoming, whatever transpired there – it transpired. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to life. We’d want to know where Gabby is right now. Your secrecy tarnishes your affection for her.”
Users of Instagram have lately started flooding Brian’s profile, which is still available to the general public, while the inquiry. He is getting criticization for not making his Instagram account private in spite of the opposition.

It was on August 14 when he made his last post on the site. Lots of people are calling for this.

Who Deleted Gabi Petito’s Instagram after her Disappearance?

It was a blow for fans as the controversy surrounding Gabbie’s vanishing intensified. Suddenly then the 22-year-once old’s prominent Instagram profile was abruptly not on Instagram.

A lot of people were in a state of confusion. When the Petito family publicly denied login to their daughter’s Instagram backend. When Instagram and the police were alert about the account’s disappearance, it turned out that it was erroneously deleted when the social networking site was monitoring fake profiles pretending to be Gabi.  Since then, it’s been like that.


Gabi Petito Missing: Current Case Updates

The latest declaration from Brian’s advocate confirms that partners are always the first people police departments targets in situations such as this one. As well as the caution that “any comment given would be anyways against oneself” is accurate, irrespective of whether my client has anything to do with Ms. Petito’s mysterious disappearance.

For any clues in the matter, the police went to Twitter and hoped that Brian would help them out in their search for answers.


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