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BLACKPINK and BTS Received New Official Certifications For Streaming In Japan

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It’s good news for BLACKPINK and BTS as they get Japan’s gold certification for streaming. Yes, the popular k-pop bands BTS and Blackpink have ruled the hearts of all. However, when it comes to officially get a certification in Japan then they have managed to get their gold certification this year too.

Read ahead to know more about BTS and Blackpink getting gold certification for streaming in Japan.

RIAJ gives official certification to BTS and Blackpink

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has declared its recent batch for the certification. While the certification in Japan depends on the streaming of albums. Crossing 30 million streams gives silver certification. 50 million gives gold certification. While crossing 100 million gives platinum certification.

According to the new addition in RIAJ’s act in 2020. Now even online streaming is included in the certification system. Hence when on the 27th of June, RIAJ announced this year’s batch. We got BTS and Blackpink getting their gold certification.


RIAJ’s new batch for official certification

Among so many popular bands and artists. We have got some of the most popular ones getting their names in the new batch list for RIAJ this year. In that list we have Bangtan, Blackpink, and TWICE included too. As this isn’t the first time that they have got this certification.

One of the BTS’s previous albums to get certification was Crystal Snow. Though their recent release “Proof” is hard to miss too. Blackpink on the other hand got their certification for the debut BOOMBAYAH. While TWICE is growing even more popular these days with their certifications.

TWICE and their RIAJ’s certification

We have had both BTS and Blackpink growing popular among their fans. Which eventually makes their albums a hit. But competing well with them we have another band TWICE. That’s getting stronger than ever. In fact, their English track The Feels has got platinum certification from RIAJ.


Not just that but it has now become the fastest track by any female artist to reach for getting platinum certification. Additionally, adding more to that achievement. We have TWICE become the girl’s group to have the most number of platinum certifications from RIAJ. The list of their tracks to get platinum certification is The Feels, Feel Special, I Can’t Stop Me, and Fancy.


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