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Belle Collective Fans Shocked After Marie Claims She Would Buy Her Ex A Rolex

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On Friday night, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) returned with a brand-new episode of Belle Collective. While sympathising with Marie’ lupus illness and her current situation this week, the public condemned her for wanting to purchase her ex-husband a Rolex so that he would take care of their child and raise him.

Marie spoke about a flare-up in her lupus

In the most recent Belle Collective episode, Marie was shown getting riled up at a different brunch. Essie, her business partner, and made the decision to talk about her predicament. Marie mentioned how her lupus had flared up during their chat, saying that it had nearly rendered her disabled.

The Belle Collective star also discussed her relationship

The Belle Collective star also discussed her relationship with her ex-husband in her opening statement. She admitted to Essie that deciding to leave her husband was the toughest decision she had ever made and that she was forced to do so because he had given her no other option: “It was difficult to simply leave. He gave me no other options. His problem with me was that I wasn’t prioritising him. However, how do you prioritise your chronic, cheating husband? And I’m making an effort to work hard and lay the groundwork for our family’s future security. how can I prioritise you?”


She went on to add that she only wanted to resolve the issue and make co-parenting successful. The Belle Collective star continued by saying that she would purchase her ex-husband a Rolex if it meant helping him co-parent their child. She was astonished to hear Marie say this, but she confessed it nevertheless, explaining that she had promised to do it when they got married and that she felt entitled to it.

Essie and the public sympathised with Marie’s situation

Essie then questioned Marie about the promise he made to her during their marriage and inquired as to whether or not she would have to pay him to take care of his own son. Marie joked that she was just trying to sort things out and gather herself after coping with everything she had. She continued by saying that despite the fact that she constantly gave and sacrificed for others, no one kept an eye on her. Essie and the public sympathised with Marie’s situation, but the public had a hard time understanding why she would force her ex-husband to care for his own son by buying him a Rolex.


Fans questioned Marie’s decision to gift her ex-husband a Rolex on Twitter in light of the fact that he had cheated on her. Some followers expressed that Cedric ought to be let go of by Marie because he was a dead weight and didn’t deserve a Rolex now that they were no longer married.


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