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Adin Ross Sparks Controversy: Threatens Ban Against Cheesur Over Questionable Online Clips

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Adin Ross, the prominent content creator and Kick streamer, recently found himself embroiled in controversy after expressing strong condemnation towards his fellow Kick content creator, Nermin “Cheesur.” The Florida native took to his official Discord server on April 3, 2024, where he stumbled upon a 43-second video titled “Cheesur being a p*do compilation,” featuring questionable interactions with individuals on a video-chatting platform.

Upon viewing the video, Adin Ross immediately reached out to Cheesur to address the concerning content. In a heated conversation, Ross admonished Cheesur for making inappropriate jokes, particularly ones involving sensitive topics like pedophilia. Expressing his disappointment, Ross emphasized the seriousness of the matter, warning Cheesur of potential repercussions, including suspension from the Kick platform.

In the midst of their argument, Adin Ross accused Cheesur of “leeching” off his content, further exacerbating the tension between the two streamers. Frustrated by Cheesur’s behavior, Ross threatened to take action against him, vowing to have him banned from Kick.

During his stream, Ross reiterated his stance, asserting that he would personally ensure Cheesur faced consequences for his actions. He announced his intention to impose a week-long ban on Cheesur’s Kick channel as a disciplinary measure.

In addition to addressing Cheesur’s behavior, Adin Ross seized the opportunity to criticize Kick’s moderation policies, citing a perceived lack of consistency in enforcing bans. Drawing attention to recent controversies involving other streamers, Ross emphasized the need for uniformity in moderation practices to maintain the integrity of the platform.

Ross’s public condemnation of Cheesur’s actions underscores his commitment to upholding standards of accountability and responsibility within the Kick community. As a prominent figure with a significant following, Ross’s words carry weight, prompting discussions about the importance of ethical conduct and appropriate content creation practices among content creators.


Ultimately, Ross’s actions serve as a reminder of the impact that streamers can have on their audience and the responsibility they bear in fostering a positive and respectful online environment. Through his decisive stance, Ross aims to uphold the values of integrity and accountability within the Kick community, setting a precedent for ethical behavior among content creators.


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