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Teeqo returned to Faze clan after ‘SaveTheKids’; Why was he Suspended?

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Teeqo has confirmed officially his comeback to FaZe Clan after already being in suspension over the ‘Save the Kids’ cryptocurrency scandal. As a result of the turmoil surrounding the ‘Save the Kids’ charity token, Teeqo has spoken out about his role.

Later during the week, after making an announcement and appearing in an earlier episode, the online world began to murmur. When Faze Teeqo came to Instagram on Friday, September 10, he proclaimed his comeback to the Faze Clan.

Why was FAZE TEEQO Suspended?

These past several months, cryptocurrency has dominated the web. This led to many influential people advocating their favorite coins.

On and off for a time, representatives of FaZe Clan advocate the Save The Kids or $KIDS tokens. Which have been in making as an alternative to the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Among them was Faze Kay, alias Frazier Khattri, who was a vocal supporter of the cause.


When rumors arise that Faze Clan’s individuals are taking money to promote the cryptocurrency, it was under the recognition that they were having no actual understanding of how it works. According to the claims, they had also ‘dumped’ their personal assets.

Participants like Teeqo, who advocated the currency in any manner, faced criticism after it crashed. As a result, Faze Clan made a public announcement criticizing people who already had backed the coin.

He turned to social media to address the ‘Save the Kids’ issue while he was in Sweden meeting friends and family members. “I believe as If I was never in regard as a man that makes his own decisions,” the player added. “I was in with the rest of the pack.”

According to Teeqo, he didn’t commit a crime, and his engagement was only for philanthropic purposes, as he claimed in a tearful video called “My Truth” in August.


It was clear that he had no inclination of withdrawing his investment   And he added: “I’ve received hate mail because I deleted tweets. After the currency went live, my main concern was to prevent others from buying it and risking their money.”


Teeqo’s comeback to Faze Clan

As of September 10, Teeqo has shared a picture of him on an Instagram account with the phrase: “I’m back!”

Following Teeqo’s statement, Faze Clan adds a video in which they confirm that Teeqo really is with the group again. Teeqo, who’s been in the clan for 10 years, is among the founding members.

Players and corporate officials debate the possibility of Teeqo’s comeback on the vlog. Representatives of Teeqo’s clan are speaking: “Teeqo had no bad intentions.”


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