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NBA 2K23 Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

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NBA 2K23

After NBA 2K23 came on 8th September 2022, it has already made all curious for the NBA 2K23 season 2. Well, fans have been really curious about the game and they are now looking for a new season. Over which we have already got some announcement for all. So, when are we expecting NBA 2K23 season 2 to arrive?

Read ahead to know more about NBA 2K23 season 2 and all its latest updates.

NBA 2K23 season 2 release date

With the arrival of NBA 2K23 in 2022 September. We have already got an announcement on whether we can expect season 2 of NBA 2K23 or not. So, luckily we do have a release time for season 2. That you must mark in your calendars.


The release date and time of NBA 2K23 season 2 is 21st October 2022. Which states that it has already come out on the date mentioned at 8:00 PT. The announcement of which was made through the official Twitter page of the game. While a lot of things are going to be new this time.

Rewards for NBA 2K23

With Halloween approaching nearer, we have NBA 2K23 to come up with some amazing things to try in the game. Meanwhile, we have rewards too that surely no one should miss out on. As you will have NBA 2K23 to have the Jabbawockeez outfit for My Career available at level 40.

Pink Diamond David Booker for My Team at lvl 40. More in My Career you’ll have Wild West courts, and artworks. Some apparel items are to be available as well. My Team rewards would be Free agent Nikola Jokic at lvl 1, Emerald Tre Jones, Sapphire Bogdan Bogdanovic, etc.

NBA 2K23

What to expect from NBA 2K23 season 2 on Halloween 2022?

Now as the latest event arriving is nothing but Halloween. We have My Career to have a 24 hours Halloween event as The Long Night coming up. Thus players will have something amazing to try on this Halloween.

So, don’t miss that in the game. Moreover, the blog post said “Hit the courts under the cover of darkness and light up your defenders with a spell of three-pointers. Grab your pillow case and sport your best outfit for a night of Trick or Treating, and visit select locations for festive rewards”. Which certainly builds up the excitement this October.


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