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Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement Coming This Week, Trailer to Debut Next Month

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Grand Theft Auto: GTA 6

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Gaming enthusiasts have eagerly anticipated the release of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 6 for quite some time. Finally, the game’s trailer is set to be released soon, allowing fans to get a glimpse of what to expect in this installment. Additionally, the game’s publisher, Rockstar Games, is approaching its 25th anniversary.

Read on to learn more about Rockstar Games’ upcoming announcement of GTA 6, which has fans eagerly anticipating the news.

GTA 6 To Be Announced Soon by Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games worldwide, with a massive fan base. While the franchise has seen five installments already, the anticipation for GTA 6 has been building for quite some time. It seems that an announcement regarding GTA 6 is on the horizon.

According to reports by Bloomberg, the GTA 6 trailer is set to release soon, most likely at The Game Awards scheduled for December 7, 2023. However, the game’s publisher, Rockstar Games, hasn’t disclosed many details about the upcoming GTA installment yet.

What’s more to be expected with GTA 6?

Don’t forget that GTA 5 has been highly successful, with approximately 185 million copies sold. Fans have high expectations for the much-awaited GTA 6. Although many details are still undisclosed, a surprising fact about GTA 6 is that it will feature the first female protagonist in the game.


Some time ago, many videos of GTA 6 were leaked online, leading to speculation among fans about the game. Putting all of that aside, we now know that the trailer for the highly anticipated game will be released as part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the game.

Playing consoles of GTA 6

Some of the expected things or background of GTA 6 could be Life Invader to be making a return in the game. While Vice City’s contemporary version could be seen in the new game. But we need to wait for the trailer to know everything though.

When it comes to the gaming consoles for GTA 6, the game is expected to be released on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. However, similar to previous games, a PC release of the game may take some time. Nevertheless, we will have more details soon.


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