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Digimon Adventure (2020) Episode 63 Release Date and Time, Recap, Countdown

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Digimon Adventure Episode 63

Digimon Adventure Episode 63 will broadcast soon. The episode overcoming their opponents. While Taichi and Agumon journeyed, but they have to walk a lot more and far to reach Agumon complains about this. The two acknowledge that they have to go across a long way, and they are hungry. Sora puts in that the Chosen Ones will not fight but instead of that they have to help the needy one. So get ready to watch once again this full of magical episode.

Digimon Adventure Episode 62: Recap

There is a giant tree stuck in the inside of the land and to remove this tree farmer assigned them this work. And for them, there is profit to remove it. They can widen their village by moving that giant tree and Taichi is happy that the tree moved. Whereas, this happened because of their unity and strength, managed to remove the huge tree. Meanwhile, there was coming a flashlight and Agumon saw that and fears what it is. Taichi was also standing there and Taichi saw the enormous red light. The light is coming from the land where the tree moved. However, that light brings a tremendous explosion. And Sora asked what that was when the dust was cleared.


The explosion of the land

By that massive explosion the land starts to shake, rocks erupt and same time in a surprising manner a huge Digimon comes. When Digimon appears Meamon says that it is the benefit for that land he Digimon protects the land. For introduction, Digimon is Shakkoumon. But Shokkoumon starts the battle, and the farmer still worries that Digimon is a legendary who can go anywhere where they need to go. The farmers looked that Shokkoumon is demolishing their beautiful village and crops. Taichi sees that Shoukkoumon is battling with something and Birdramon attention that the town will get eliminated.

Digimon Adventure Episode 63

What is blue light?

Whereas, The Chosen Ones agreed to curb the rampaging. And meanwhile, Greymon turns Metalgreymon by entered into Super Evolution. Same as in the same of Birdramon who turns into Garudamon. Taichi notes that Shokkoumon is avoiding them and proceeds to declare the laser beam from his eyes. The two touched Shokkoumon’s chest. And they saw a blue light that coming from it but it disappears right after. Sora fears that what was the blue light and Shokkoumon damages them with running discs.


Sora discloses how Shokkoumon believes how they were in the last battle to maintaining the land. Furthermore, Sora and Taichi are determined to leave and they have refurbished peace, and the land is protected by Shokkoumon.

Digimon Adventure (2020) Episode 63: Release Date and Time

Digimon Adventure Episode 63 is set to release on Sunday 29 August at 12:55 AM on Crunchyroll. The title of Digimon Adventure Episode 63 is “The Crest of Courage“. Episode 63 is written by Kenji Konuta.

WHERE TO WATCH? You can watch Digimon Adventure Episode 63 online on Crunchyroll, Funimation with English subtitles. Currently, the anime is only available for Crunchyroll premium users. You can buy a Crunchyroll subscription from their official site. New Episodes of Digimon Adventure drop every Sunday.

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