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Boruto Episode 190 “Escape” All Latest Details

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Boruto Episode 190 Escape

In the previous episode, the real identity of Vessel was revealed. Now the fans are waiting with a bated breath to see what will happen in the upcoming episode. Boruto Episode 190 will be titled “Escape”. A lot was revealed in episode 189 and is considered to be the best of the lot. The fans are eagerly waiting for “Escape”.

Previously On Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

In the previous episode, Garo engages in a fight with Kawaki. Garo is the capturer of Kara. Katasuke deduces that there is a significant difference between the bodies of Garo and Kawaki. Garo’s body is basically made up of Ninja tools whereas Kawaki’s body is extremely different.

During the fight, Garo was giving Kawaki a hard time. He broke Kawaki’s limbs and arms. After this Boruto and Kawaki teamed up against Garo and destroyed his arms. Kawaki used the power of Karmam. This made him unconscious.


Kawaki’s introduction has returned all the fame to this anime series. There are possibilities that Kawaki is the vessel. Kara has been hunting of the same vessel for a long long time.

Team 7 pairs up with Boruto. They are aiming to take down Kara. The objective of this group is yet unknown.

What Will Happen In Episode 190 “ESCAPE”


The most recent episode of Baruto presented us with the powers of Karma and Kawai. Many astonishing tools have been used until now, including the scientific ninja tool. The recent development in this anime series will leave you shook.

In the previous episode, during a face-off Garo destroyed Kawaki’s arm. The inorganic technology can be the reason behind Kawaki’s new arm. The morphed arm weapon-like. Katasuke claims that the inorganic technology might supersede Seventh Hokage Naruto’s prosthetic arm.

boruto naruto next generations Episode 190
Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 190

Both Kawaki and Baruto are remarkable fighters. They have amazing skills of Karma seal which helps them to increase the strength exponentially. In escape, you might see Naruto and Kawaki coming face to face.


All this might trigger some questions inside your brains. Want to know more about the Karma seal and the interaction of Naruto and Kawaki? Watch Episode 190 of Baruto!

Release Time And Date For Episode 190 “escape”

“Escape” will be released in Japan at 5:30 pm JST on March 14. The episode will be aired in the USA at 12:30 am PST on the same date.

The views can watch the English sunbed episode within 3 hours of streaming. In India, it will be released around 5 PM IST on March 14.

Platforms Where You Can Watch Boruto

Episode 190 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” titles “Escape” can be watched on multiple streaming platforms. These include Crunchyroll, Netflix Japan with both English subtitles and dubbing, and Hulu.


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