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Justin Murdock Arrested For Punching His Girlfriend Talia Skye – Case Explored

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Justin Murdock

Popular singer Lana Del Rey has dated Justin Murdock for a long time before they broke up. Recently Justin Murdock is in the headlines as he has been arrested for punching his girlfriend on her face. This incident happened at the Halloween party where Justin Murdock lost his temper and reacted aggressively.

His girlfriend, Talia Skye, is a model whereas Justin Murdock has been portraying a Playboy image in the entertainment industry.

What is the Case?

The report says, at Scarface Mansion in Beverly Hills, the Halloween party was organized on 24th October 2021 where the couple visited for attending the party. When Talia Skye, a 24-year-old model, said that she wants to leave the party early her statement made Justin Murdock angry.

On her way to Justin Murdock’s home, Talia Skye contacted her friend through a test for picking her up. She said that Justin Murdock is very angry and his behavior might hurt her. Before her friend arrived at Talia Skye’s location, Justin had already punched his girlfriend in the face.

Ron Milner shared the news on Twitter by posting the picture of Talia Skye’s injured face. He wrote, “Billionaire dole food heir and notorious Playboy Justin Murdock were arrested for ‘punching his model girlfriend on the face’ after a Los Angeles Halloween party, leaving her with a nasty black eye. Bill Clinton said ‘put some ice on it.’”

Talia Skye’s friend informed the media by saying, “she was lying in the driveway and was crying when she reached the spot. I picked her off the ground and I saw her face. It was completely swollen, with a green-blue color.”

Who is Justin Murdock?

The former chairman of Dole Food Products, David Murdock, has only one child whose name is Justin Murdock. He is the sole hire of his billionaire dad. Earlier, Justin had been in the headlines of new channels because of his former relationship rumors with Lana Del Rey and Avril Lavigne.


Justin Murdock is the former Vice President of Investments at Castle & Cooke Inc., whereas he is currently the CEO of Activate Immunotherapy.


In the year 2010, Justin Murdock was accused of doing sexual harassment to an employee of Castle & Cooke. The lady claimed that he booked s*x dates for him by using her credit cards. She was later threatened by him so that she will not raise her voice against him.

He forced her to create a fake id on Facebook with the name “Cobra McJingleballs”. He used that account to post objectionable content.


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